“Having my first baby was such a huge transition from independent entrepreneur to having someone depend on me 24/7. I don’t have much family around and decided to hire Sonya as my post-partum doula after receiving rave reviews from friends. I think Sonya’s presence was the biggest contribution to having such an amazing first 6 weeks with our new baby. Just knowing she would be there kept me calm, her advice were grounded in experience but never pushy, the massages was divine, the cooking DELICIOUS and she had such a gentle hand with Z. I’m eternally grateful for her continued presence in my life and would recommend her with rave reviews to all new mothers.”
~ K. Nau

“Sonya’s care was invaluable to me after the birth of my son.  She was nurturing and supportive, providing guidance and strength during the sacred transition period to new motherhood.”
~ L. Craze

“Sonya’s experience and loving attention allowed me to heal and rest and feel taken care of in the weeks after giving birth.  I was amazed at how grounded I felt.”
~ S. Hilliard

“Sonya’s presence postpartum nurtured my entire family and allowed me to rest deeply, to heal and delight in bonding with my new baby – gifts I will treasure for a lifetime.”
~ S. Forrester

“You were more valuable to us than most any other person or practice we enlisted in the postpartum. I am so grateful.”  

“Sonya took such loving care of us after Henry was born, allowing for my husband and me to enjoy and really concentrate on our new baby those first few months. Her delicious, healthy cooking, sage baby advice and amazing massages nourished me so much that I was able to make it through all of those sleepless nights! Sonya has a calm and loving presence that made it such a joy each time she came into our house to take care of us. What a nurturing and beautiful time we were able to have thanks to Sonya. I very highly recommend Sonya to every expecting family.”

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